Home Study Fee Schedule

Home Study Fee Schedule*
ServiceFee ChargedApproximate

Waiting Period

Step Parent/Grandparent$1,550 / 1,800Completed within 60 days
Independent Adoption$1,550 / 1,800
Interstate Adoption$2,650 / 2,850
Foster Parent Adoption$1,550 / 1,800
Contemporary/Other Parent Adoption$1,550 / 1,800
Special Needs$1,550 / 1,750
Post Placement Visit$250 / 350Each visit
Post Placement Report$615
Updates – Required Annually$615
Expedited$400Completed within 30 days
Home Study Report Revision$400
Background Check, includes federal fingerprinting through MorphoTrust$175Results usually within 2 weeks

Per person in addition to fees above

* fees subject to change