Birth Mother – Financial Assistance

You may receive financial assistance for expenses related to your pregnancy, which can include rent, food, clothing, phone, transportation lost wages and other incidentals.   These expenses are paid by the adoptive parents.   Financial assistance can be provide for expenses incurred beginning in the mother’s second trimester until six weeks after birth.

Medical expenses:  If you have medical expenses related to your pregnancy, your medical expenses  may be paid by the adoptive parents.  We will assist you in obtaining insurance if you are not already insured.

Baby already born:  If you decide to place your child for adoption after your baby is born, the adoptive parents can still help with expenses incurred during your pregnancy as Indiana law allows.  We have successfully placed many infants that were not newborns.  Please contact us at via text or phone at 812-336-8300 or text our confidential line 812-322-6221 or contact us via email at for more information.