About Us

Donald W. Francis, Jr. J.D

Don is the owner CEO of Heartland Adoption Agency and works closely with our birth moms.

He has been involved in adoption for more than 26 years.

Michelle B. Domer, J.D.

Michelle is the owner and CFO of Heartland Adoption Agency.  She is excited to be a part of Heartland Adoption Agency.

She is our adoptive parent liaison.

Terri K. Francis

Terri is our case manager, executive director and social worker.  Terri has a BA in Psychology, is a Court Appointed Special Advocate and Guardian Ad Litem.

Terri has over 25 years of experience working with children and the court system.  Terri handles all our home studies.

Erin Coram, MS, LMFT

Erin is our case supervisor.  She has a private counseling practice.  She is a former probation officer.

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer is our paralegal who has been with our law firm for 10 years and with Heartland Adoption Agency since its beginnings.

If you have a question about background checks she’s our expert.