Heartland Adoption Agency

Francis Berry Domer specializes in a rang of different types of Family Law. Donald Francis and Michelle Domer have also co-founded an Heartland Adoption Agency which can guide you through the exciting process of adoption. Providing support before, during and after adoption.

Francis Berry Domer Specializes in Child Custody, Child Support, Contempt, Post-Decree Modification, Paternity, Guardianship, Wills, Adoption, Probate, Contested Cases

Francis Berry Domer is a family owned and operated law firm in Bloomington, Indiana. Our years of experience and knowledge base helps you achieve complete satisfaction in your case.

Heartland Adoption Agency can guide you through the exciting process of adoption.  We provide support before, during, and after adoption. For more information on Heartland Adoption Agency and our adoption services please follow this link.

Why we are the right team for you?

Our staff will treat you with compassion and understanding, and use our experience to provide you with top-quality assistance through every step of the process.